107-year-old elderly woman defeated Corona

Amsterdam (NNI) Corona epidemic is proving to be a killer for everyone, including some who are elderly. One of the victims of this deadly and fatal disease is a Dutch woman who is 107 years old. She is said to be the longest woman to defeat Corona. According to a local newspaper in the Netherlands, Cornelia Ross, 107, had her 107th birthday on March 17, 2020.
A village in the southwestern island of Khoria and Falkia, the Netherlands
Several other people, including a pastor, attended the ceremony celebrated March 17 at the center. The next day Cornelius started to get sick and symptoms of coronas started to appear. Later, Cornelius and 40 other people were confirmed to be suffering from coronas. Of these, 12 people have died but doctors He told Ross on Monday that he had overcome the disease. His nurse told the newspaper that we did not expect the 107-year-old woman to survive the deadly disease. She does not take any medication and operates well.

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