Canadian Prime Minister Becomes Fan Of  5-Year-Old Girl Who Start Campaign Against Corona Virus 

Alaska (NNI) A campaign against a five-year-old girl's corona in Alaska has been made public, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also praised the baby's action. But the campaign against a 5-year-old girl's Corona has become famous. A 5-year-old girl named Fairbanks resident of Alaska is sending a message to viewers who say sorry that you meet someone. Can't go out and I'm sorry about that
That is why you do not go anywhere, wash your hands thoroughly because I am very serious. Nawa has made many videos about how to avoid the Corona pandem, in which he repeatedly hands-off to viewers and watches his videos. The parents of Nova are happy with the understanding of their little fairy and the drive to stay home with people. The five-year-old Nova has become famous around the world, watching videos of millions of people including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is among those who have praised the move.

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