Coronavirus: Expired UAE residency, visit visas to remain valid until end-2020

Abu Dhabi (NNI) The United Arab Emirates in the wake of the Corona virus has decided to extend the residence permit to immigrants by the end of March until December 2020 to protect Iqama holders from the effects of the global outbreak. According to the Identity and Citizenship Authority spokesman, Brigadier-General Khamees al-Qa'abi said that the facility will also be able to accommodate those outside the UAE. He said that foreigners coming to the UAE on a visit visa will also be able to benefit from this facility.
WhichWas in the UAE and his visa was about to expire in early March. In light of the decision, their visit visas are also being extended until December 2020. 

On April 2, the UAE authorities extended a two-week ban on entry into the Emirates of occupants outside the country for two weeks.
The UAE has stopped issuing visas for arrivals since March 17, and has directed its overseas citizens to return to the country as soon as possible, in order to avoid travel restrictions due to the Corona virus. On March 31, the UAE suspended all passenger flights to and from Dubai for two weeks.
However, the UAE's national flagship emirates and aviation companies recently launched international flights for those wishing to leave the UAE. It was directed to register itself on the website of the relevant ministry to facilitate them to return to the UAE in case of emergency.

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