Coronavirus: Major UK takeaway chains start to Reopen

Three major takeaway chains within the united kingdom have announced limited reopening programmes after closing during the coronavirus lockdown.

Burger King, KFC and Pret A Manger are opening certain restaurants around the country for delivery only.

Government guidelines state that while restaurants and pubs got to close, they're going to prepare food for collection or delivery.

The chains had decided to temporarily close because the lockdown took effect.

Burger King:

Burger King is to Re-open 4 Restaurants: 2 in Bristol, 1 in Coventry, and 1 in Swindon, with a pared-down menu.

Staff will wear masks and gloves and may be trained in running delivery-only kitchens hygienically, the nutriment chain said.

There will be strict cleaning measures, and staff will get social distancing training.

The restaurants also will donate 1,000 meals per week to staff working at NHS hospitals within the vicinity of the reopened restaurants.

Katie Evans: Marketing Director at the chain, said Burger King hoped the resumption would go "some due to boost our customers' feeling in these crucial times".

She Said: "We want to declare how responsive everyone at Burger King UK is of (NHS staff) efforts in these surprising times."


KFC said they reopened 11 UK restaurants within the past week for delivery only, with a selected menu. The restaurants are in Aldershot, Birmingham, Glasgow, Ipswich, London, Manchester, Portsmouth, Stockport, and Tamworth.

The nutriment chain says it's donated "thousands of meals from all our open restaurants to those on the frontline, including the NHS and key workers, in partnership with Deliveroo, and may still do so hebdomadally whilst things continues".

KFC said it had decided to shut temporarily on 23 March "with the wellbeing of our teams and guests in mind".

A delegate said: "We've invest the time since termination establish advanced processes to make sure we'll restart correctly and responsively, which we've now establish to undertake to try to to .

"We also saw the impact things has on people that won't be ready to easily get to the supermarkets, like key workers. there's a requirement for economical, accessible food which we needed to undertake to to our part."

The spokesperson added that fired staff would find their jobs "waiting for them once we are able to fully reopen".

Pret a Manger:

Pret a Manger will reopen 10 shop kitchens adjacent London hospitals from Thursday.

"This allows us to also get our quantity tie down and running to donate food to homeless fund, so we'll be donating 7,000 additional meals per week to our homeless fund partnes," the chain said during a press release .

NHS workers will get half-price food until the highest of April.

Pret's chief officer Pano Christou wrote during a blog post that NHS workers and hospitals want to be able to get "freshly made food nearby".

"We are especially thankful that 160 team members have volunteered to assist reopen 10 shops in London, located on the brink of hospitals."

Food Delivery:

Food delivery firm Deliveroo has raised quite £1.5m from customer donations and company funding for free of charge of charge meals for NHS workers.

While the business dismiss to reveal overall order volumes, it said 3,000 new restaurants had signed up in March.

A report within the Financial Times in March suggested that delivery apps could be feeling the pinch because of restaurant closures and as coronavirus anxiety continues.

However, Deliveroo said it's seeing more orders from families, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. the more of dishes it delivers are pizza, fish and chips, and burgers, it said.

It added that it had also began to deliver food from stores including Morrisons, McColls, M&S and BP service stations.

Rival delivery firm Just Eat also said that about 3,000 takeaways had signed up since the lockdown was declared.

The firm has seen a 36% rise in orders for desserts, and said customers are ordering food earlier within the day, and earlier within the week.

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