Saudi Arabia attempts to build ties with Israel

Kuwait City (NNI) Gulf Arab countries are conducting various tactics and tactics in the coming days to establish friendly relations with Israel. In reference to this, Saudia National TV decided to release a new movie called Umm Haroon. The film actually tried to normalize relations between the Gulf countries, especially Saudi Arabia and Israel.
The story of a movie called Umm Haroon revolves around a Jewish woman. Also Jews in the Gulf Arab
Explained. In this film, the Palestinians have expressed their sympathy with the Arabs in the Gulf. Apart from this, the problems faced by the region's Jews were highlighted. In addition, the film narrates stories of friendship between Jews and Muslims. In addition, the dress of the Jewish leaders, their manner of worship, the tension and strife between the Muslims and the Jews is also discussed.

Tel Aviv (NNI) Israel launches gas supply to Arab country Jordan Kolivethan gas fields. Jordanian supply of gas from Leviathan Field has begun, while Egypt will start supplying gas within a week or 10 days.
It is important to us that we are supplying gas to a country like Jordan In the coming days, Egypt will also be supplying gas from this gas field. There was a public outcry in Jordan over the purchase of gas from Israel, thousands of people rallied in the Jordanian capital of Oman and demanded the government They should not only stop the purchase of gas from Israel, but abolish all agreements made with the Zionist state.

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