Thanks Giving by Google for Shipping Workers Fighting against Corona

New York (NNI) : Leading search engine Google has named its doodle as the packaging, shipping and delivery workers fighting the Corona virus worldwide, Google has thanked all its workers in its doodle. Doodle launched a Moving Aid series to thank all those who fought against the Corona virus. The Google Doodle series, scheduled over a two-week period, included doctors, frontline nurses, staff , Tributes to teachers, social workers and food service workers.

Thanking them for their compliment Google carries the last letter of Google in the car while delivering the goods in its doodle, while the first letter is also held in a parcel. , Doodle's message is thanks to all the packaging, shipping and delivery workers. Google doodles are commonly known for remembering historical events, events, celebrities' births, and deaths.

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