Emirates reduces prices of essential commodities during Ramadan by 50%

20% to 50% discount on commodity prices by  Carrefour and other big names.

Dubai: The blessed month of Ramadan is set to begin in the next few days. Renowned super stores across the UAE have announced huge relief to consumers on the occasion. The prices of food and other essential commodities have been reduced from 20% to 50%. The leading super markets have announced that during Ramadan, the prices of food items and goods will be sold at lower prices of 20 to 50%.
This discounted Ramadan offer will continue until Eid. Renowned super stores associate marketing director Dr. Sohail al-Bastiqi said that up to 50 percent of the discounted items are needed to meet the needs of consumers before Ramadan begins.
The donor has imported 450 million dirhams worth of supplies to customers in Ramadan.

The Aswaaq  Group is also offering discounts of 20 to 50 percent on various items at retail shops. Items are shipped in large quantities to all stores. Carrefour has also given consumers huge discounts on commodities during Ramadan. According to the administration, in view of the economic crisis caused by the corona virus and the blessed month of Ramadan, the prices of goods have been reduced so that even the low-income group does not have to worry about buying goods.

It is to be noted that the United Arab Emirates Federal Government Workforce has announced that all public offices and departments will have five hours work during Ramadan. The circular issued on Sunday said that working hours in all ministries and federal departments would be from 9 am to 2 pm. The government has not yet announced working hours for the private sector, which will be done today or tomorrow. It should be noted that most government employees in the state have been allowed to work from homes because of the Corona virus epidemic, while some federal employees have been sent on leave with pay so they are less likely to spread the fatal virus. Could be.

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