United Arab Emirates offers to send back Pakistanis stranded, refuses to accept Pakistan, UAE threatens to impose sanctions on Pakistan

Dubai, United Arab Emirates offers to send Pakistanis trapped there Because Pakistan has inadequate facilities for Quarantine, Pakistan has refused to bring its citizens back home. Pakistani ambassador to the United Arab Emirates Ghulam Dastagir says that the United Arab Emirates has offered to send back Pakistanis in the state and in this regard
Pakistan will also be supported.
He said that some institutions, including the Health Department of Pakistan, are not yet able to manage the quarantine of such a large number of patients. Pakistanis in the UAE say they feel like they have been abandoned and left alone, while the United Arab Emirates has also imposed sanctions on countries that do not allow their citizens to return. The quota system can be introduced for countries that are not allowing their citizens to return, and only a certain number of manpower will be allowed under that quota, Human Resources Ministry said.

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