Plasma was requested from 300 people to get rid of the corona virus that is spreading in Pakistan

Karachi (NNI) Hematologist Dr Tahir Shamsi has appealed to the people that we urgently need a plasma of 300 people and to donate contact our helpline 03332976390. According to private TV, he said that many people donated plasma many times and it does not cause any problem. He said that information on plasma donation can be obtained by contacting the helpline. Dr Tahir Shamsi said that corona virus is teaching people how to live a new life.
Hematologist said
The virus causes blood clots in the lungs and only 20% of people need to go to the hospital. He said that the only solution for corona virus is social distance and isolation, the way we live with corona virus. He said that new things related to corona virus will come up in the next one year.
The Sindh government has allowed three hospitals to collect plasma for corona patients. Karachi's National Institute of Hematology and Civil Hospital, while Hyderabad's Liaquat University Hospital will be able to carry out this work. Dr. Tahir Shamsi, a hematologist, said that the people whose plasma has been obtained now fortunately have not contracted the corona virus again.
The Sindh government has set up an eight-member committee comprising experts from the private and public sectors to experiment with plasma treatment for the treatment of corona virus. And Dr. Khawar Abbas. The committee will review the effectiveness of plasma implants in Corona patients. The committee will also compile a review report on plasma availability, efficacy and medical and legal reasons.


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