Why didn't Sweden lock down despite increasing cases of corona?

The people of Sweden, a country of 10 million people, are free and living without fear despite the spread of the coronavirus. Sweden has a unique way of dealing with the Corona epidemic. Due to its completely different policy during the epidemic, Sweden has become the center of attention around the world. Unlike most countries in the world, Sweden, instead of enforcing lockdowns, is emphasizing the need to distance itself from citizens under the principle of self-care, trusting citizens.
Following an order from the authorities, people are confined to their area, leaving their homes as needed but not moving to other cities. Due to which the railway stations are deserted, while the number of commuters is also reduced by 60%, markets, restaurants are all open but schools are closed, schools for 16 year olds are open and parks are also flourishing. Children and adults are wandering outside without fear.
Citizens are happy that there is no lockdown and are following government policy. They say everything is normal and we are happy. This strategy is better. The rest of the countries have closed everything. When they open the lockdown, the cases will be known. Well, everything is fine, but Sweden has fired some of its employees. The government has announced a 30 billion business support package, but the future is not clear to small and medium-sized businesses, said Affan Rashid, a local businessman. Are more affected.
Healthcare expert Johanna Larsen says that if the country is closed, the borders will be opened after a while. If people come, it will not end. It could be two or three years later, but the strategy is building trust between the people and the authorities. In Sweden, the corona virus has killed 3,674 people and infected 29,677.

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