Offices open in UAE, how many People will return to work from June 7?

Abu Dhabi (NNI) - About 50% of public sector employees in the United Arab Emirates will return to work by June 7. The UAE government expects government employees to take precautionary measures. Earlier, 30 percent of government employees were allowed to enter the office. According to the UAE's official news agency, the move is part of the government's efforts to gradually lift restrictions on the prevention of the coronavirus and restore normalcy. Is part of The UAE government has appointed one of these employees
The list includes those who are exempt from office attendance and will work from their homes. These include pregnant women, weakened immune systems and government employees suffering from chronic diseases such as asthma and diabetes. Women caring for children up to grade 9 or women caring for children with disabilities are also exempt from attending government offices. These 50% of government employees returning to the offices are expected to observe all precautions, including social distance, while attending the offices.

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